Thijs Verreck

Thijs Verreck

Introducing Wavyr Apollo

Today we launched Wavyr Apollo. Our product has been in private beta for over 5 months now, but now we’re bringing Wavyr Apollo to the world.

Wavyr Apollo is the materialised version of our vision: ‘Invent Tomorrow. Together.’ Our aim as a company has always been to let anyone become an inventor, and today is a big step in realising that vision. Apollo is our new headline digital product that lets anyone build a digital service within 5 minutes.

Programming has not changed much – fundamentally – over the past 20 years. People are still writing lines of code, as we did back during the first days of the internet. We believe that it is time for change. We need to rethink how we design, build and ship digital services.

Apollo lets you build digital applications within minutes. You can start building with a large variety of components to create dashboards, interactive tools or anything else you might imagine. We take care of the tough stuff such as version control, external integrations or permission control.

We’re exited that Apollo is available to the public today, and want to invite everyone to sign up for the demo. We’re always looking for talent to join us as well, please head to our careers page or send me a message for our open positions.

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